Database Marketing

A customer-centric marketing approach requires an integrated digital solution that is aligned with those needs. Knoetry’s approach to data integration organizes your customer and business data to reduce your overhead for list pulls and improve visibility into customer and campaign performance so you can make the make the best marketing decisions and act on them quickly.

  • Ellington Integration Suite – When Duke Ellington composed for his orchestra, he brought a wide variety of sounds together into one cohesive picture while maintaining the nuances of each instrument. The Ellington Integration Suite package applies this same philosophy to the orchestration of your data. Our ETL package manages multiple streams of data from a variety of data sources including major databases (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Teradata) and other sources like xml, text, and Excel files.
  • Customer One Database – The Customer One Database provides a complete and centralized view of your customer. Offered in both proprietary and open source versions, the database stores your customer’s address, profile, purchase activity, communications preferences, demographics, and other marketing list attributes in a structure that simplifies customer relationship management.
  • List Extract Rules Engine – Your marketing calendar is too busy to depend on IT development cycles for list pulls. Our rules engine enables managers to extract segmented marketing lists without a dedicated team of developers. When integrated with the Campaign Performance Interface, the rules engine can help you make the best decisions about who to include in your marketing campaigns, and automatically deliver those lists to your marketing partners.
  • Campaign Performance Interface – Our reporting and analysis tool helps you make the best decisions about how allocate your marketing spend bring those insights to market.Compare campaign response and ROI by segment, geographical region, marketing strategy, and other list attributes.Tie in marketing campaign performance to your business’ key performance indicators so you can prove the value of your programs.
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